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Qway Assets meets your needs by offering comprehensive services in the sale and purchase of businesses, as well as effective consultancy in the field of both private and corporate investments.

Sale and Purchase of Businesses

We specialize in professionally preparing companies for sale, providing comprehensive support throughout the transaction process. Our extensive network of contacts enables us to effectively identify potential buyers, ensuring optimal conditions for your company.

Private and Corporate Investments

We assist investors in finding ideal investments tailored to their goals and expectations, especially in countries such as the UAE, Switzerland, Cyprus, Malta, Spain, Estonia, Poland, and Ukraine. We analyze the market and identify attractive investment opportunities in line with the client’s preferences. Leveraging our extensive network of contacts, we support investors in finding buyers for specified assets, ensuring efficient and sustainable transactions.

Collaboration with Venture Capital (VC), Funds, and Family Offices

We have partnerships with investors such as Venture Capital (VC), investment funds, and family offices, especially in countries such as the UAE, Bahrain, and the United Kingdom.

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